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August 8, 2013

The day Emilia arrives.  For posterity’s sake.

I had my 40 week prenatal apt on Wednesday, March 20th.  I felt super.  Jen (our midwife) thought we’d see each other next week.  I woke up Thursday morning, 3.21 at 4:30am with severe back pain.  I cleaned the kitchen, bla bla bla, and realized I was having contractions.  Mucus plugged came out in that time frame (super gross!).  We walked the dogs around 7:30am.  By 9:30am I was on all 4’s with contractions.  Kimmy, the ultra-doula was updated.  I got in the tub, I hung around.  Kimmy came over around 12, or 2-ish?  But I was definitely sans pants by the time she arrived.  Kimmy had the hands of an angel.  She rubbed my back HARD with every contraction.  Jen came around 4pm.  The back rubbing continued…birthing continued.  I knew my parents were flying in on Friday, March 22nd.  This went on for hours.  My water broke somewhere in there.  Kimmy, Ian & Jen were all in the shower with me at some point (clothed). 

I started pushing at some point in the process, and before I knew it, I heard her ask Ian, “Are you ready to catch your baby?”  And, then there is a baby on me, at 3:15am.  It was an out of body experience.  Surreal.  Unreal.  Amazing.  There she was.  The assistant midwife, Maren, said, “That’s an 8 pounder!”  This was shocking, because I was told she MAY be 6 pounds.  I had an ultrasound at 36 weeks, where she measured 4lbs, and one at 39 w 5 days where she measured 6ish.  Over 8lbs, and over 21″ long.  God and baby surprised us all.  Especially with all of her dark features!

If I could give birth everyday, I would.  It was unbelievably empowering, amazing, and quite frankly, easier than 41 weeks of pregnancy.  Bark for 14 weeks, I can do without.

Here are some pictures in the raw.Image

ImageImageMeeting her Granny & Gramps 12 hours after birth:

ImageImageImageFirst picture of the 3 of us at 4 days old.


She’s by far the best gift we’ve ever been given.  I prayed for a healthy, happy & joy filled little girl, and I got one.

She is named after my sister, Emily, and dad’s mom, Margaret Caroline.


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