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Baby related items that I do NOT care for:

September 26, 2012

This is obviously very important (and not in order of importance or hatred).

1) kissing baby/child on the lips.   Ian isn’t so weirded out by it (for reasons I won’t document here), but I will slap any offender across the face.  I think it’s absolutely vile.  Kiss your spouse on the lips, not anyone else.

2) Pictures of the father doing skin-to-skin contact.  Gag me right now.  I am just not a fan of male nudity (while I am attracted to men…).  This also makes me angry, and disgusted.  Please, Angel, Kimmy, anyone else that may attend the birth of my child.  I will slice your throat (a promise) if you post or email any picture of Ian shirtless w/baby.  I honestly don’t even want to see it, but will allow it.  Generous, I know.

3) Gender neutral clothing.

4) People asking me a specific due date….the baby comes whenever he/she comes, what does a date matter?  For the record, when people ask, I say mid-March.

5) Being referred to as a ‘mother warrior,’ should I get stretch marks or something.  I don’t need or care for some dopey title.  Mother is sufficient.

I may think of more…



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One Comment
  1. Katie permalink

    You don’t want anyone kissing your baby on the lips, or you don’t like the idea of kissing any baby (including yours) on the lips?

    Are you thinking of a hospital or home birth?

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