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I have a good life.

December 31, 2010

I just looked through my facebook pictures.  Which mostly consist of pictures of my animals.  And I look through them every so often and I love them every time.  Those bastards bring a lot of restrictions to my life, but I love each of them.  Dearly.  And shudder at the thought of losing 3 of the 4 : )

On December 14th, I hand wrote this letter:


I like to take a personal – end of year inventory.  Obviously, I don’t remember all of my triumphs and ‘let downs,’ but I remember some –

In 2010 I learned to:

  1. Evaluate possible conflicts with Ian and say, “Did he mean to leave the dogs outside in the rain so that I would come home to two completely muddy dogs and then muddy floors, couch, etc?”  No, he forgot, and hopefully it won’t ever happen again.  I will save myself so much aggression and negative energy, I believe it will ultimately add YEARS to my life.
  2. I’ve learned to CHOOSE to let some things go.
  3. I’ve been reminded of how valuable some people in my life are.
  4. I’ve learned how to use a juicer, how to bake donuts, and how to substitute honey or agave nectar for sugar.
  5. I’m recognizing my passive aggressive tendencies and trying to SMILE and move forward.
  6. I’ve learned that perfection does not exist in any aspect of life.
  7. I’m more of a cat person than a dog person.

And I thoroughly look forward to 2011.  I plan to live more intentionally, with passion and purpose.  I plan to save some money.

Sidenote:  Day 4 of no junk food.  I had a nightmare the other night that I forgot and ate a sugar cookie, and thought f- it , I’m eating all of them.  It was a dream, not reality.  Day 4, steady and strong.


  1. good lessons learned meggy. do you still have a facebook? i would like your baked donuts recipe.

  2. Megan permalink

    facebook is taking a break Meg. I’ll email you the recipe.

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