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Monday = Sad face

August 18, 2008

Katy – I only blog while at work, duh! Thanks for being a faithful reader!

So Katy, this one is all for you. I am very close to my cousins Gavin and Adam, who were in my wedding – holding my wedding dress, looking like little mormons in their short pants, white shirts, and pink ties. But cute nonetheless.

My little Gavin is now 5 years old. He tells jokes. He’s funny. Your little Cole will soon be saying, Hi Mom, I love you! Ian was joking around with Gavin the other day, and said to him, “Are you nuts!” Gavin replied, “No, I’m not a squirrel.” He does karate. He is a purple belt. And, you know, we all thought, he’s 5, so what could he possibly know as far as a real purple belt, right? Well, I’ll have you know, I saw him do some sly moves and I was shocked. He’s got the punches down, with precision, with skill. And another thing. He knows how to check the sizes on his underwear to make sure they fit before he puts them on. I kept throwing him pairs, No Meg, this is a four, I need a bigger one. Just brings tears to my eyes, tears of sadness, because he’s not my little baby, but tears of joy, knowing he’s a sweet, little man.

And then there’s Adam, the beastly little 3 year old. He loves to swim, and play with fire trucks. He tells you which one to play with and how you are ALLOWED to play with it, under his supervision of course. He also says the darndest things. For quite awhile the boys have called Ian Ina, because it’s funny. Everyone now calls Ian Ina (Like Ina Garten, the chef). Adam accidentally called him his correct name, Ian, and Ian commended Adam for it, saying, why don’t you just call me Ian, that’s my name. I don’t remember exactly what he said to that, but he sassed Ina good, and now calls him CarINA. What a little smartie, and now Ina won’t be complaining about Ina anymore, now will he?

Oh, they’re so precious Katy. And you have one ALL YOUR OWN (and eric’s). Enjoy every single day with the little guy. He’s a gem.


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